November's Gemstone: CITRINE

January 07, 2021 2 min read


November, meet your gemstone: CITRINE


If you're looking to level up your life in a B-I-G way, you'll want to get to know citrine (and perhaps wear as much of it as you can when you're focusing on bringing abundance into your life). 

As Bright as the Sun

Citrine is said to carry the energy of the sun. This golden crystal holds warming and energizing vibrations and also helps to boost creativity. Wear citrine to add some golden glow to your life.


Create Abundance with Citrine

Whether you're looking to increase your financial wealth or trying to achieve more success, citrine is your gemstone. Known as the stone of abundance, you can work with citrine to manifest wealth and prosperity. Place a piece of citrine in the back left corner of your home (known as the wealth corner). Doing so helps to call in greater financial attainment into your home space. Wearing citrine will also increase your opportunity to build financial wealth, and can also bring a sense of overall prosperity. Citrine also encourages generosity, and lets you share what you have while also allowing you to keep bringing abundance to you.

Left image: The Charmed with Abundance Necklace in 18 inches and 16 inches

Wear citrine to add some golden glow to your life.


Shine Brightly in Citrine

Wearing citrine helps to raise self-esteem and self-confidence. This orange-yellow stone also increases motivation and creativity, and encourages self-expression. If you're often feeling stuck in the past, citrine allows you to develop a positive attitude and a more optimistic outlook about future opportunities. Citrine lets you enjoy new opportunities and helps you explore different possibilites until you find the best outcome. Dare to shine your brighest while wearing your favourite Lisa Maxwell citrine pieces.


Citrine for Focus and Calmness

Enhanced concentration and revitalization of the mind are a few added benefits of wearing citrine. Citrine can help alleviate depression and decrease fear and worry. By providing a sense of inner calmness, citrine allows your inner wisdom to emerge. The higher mind can also be awakened as you continue to work with the healing properties of this bright gemstone. Citrine is an excellent crystal to start wearing in November to keep us alert and energized as we move into the darker winter months.   

Above:Abundance Drop Earrings and Abundance Stud Earrings