Layer Like A Style Icon, Gems

January 07, 2021 2 min read


Ready, Set, Layer!


Sometimes layering can seem like a fine art (or even a complicated science!) But it doesn't have to be. In fact, we swear by keeping the rules of the layering game simple and practical so that you can spend less time trying to figure out how to style your jewelry for the day and more time feeling like a style queen. Gems, get ready to get layering with our tips and tricks below!

Step One: Wear At Least 3 Necklaces At Once

Yes, you heard us - three. Although three necklaces at once may seem intimidating to start, nothing conveys elegance and power simultaneously like layering multiple necklaces. And we know you've got this! 


Step Two: Mix Up Your Lengths 

This step actually makes Step One a lot easier; when you choose the right necklace lengths, it takes the guesswork out of how to layer. We follow one easy rule: leave 2 inches of space between each necklace layer to stack necklaces effortlessly. For example, a 16 inch chain + an 18 inch chain + a 20 inch chain = a perfect layering trio.  

Left image: The Charmed with Strength Necklace (20 inches), The Classic Silver Rope Chain (18 inches), the Charmed with Strength Mini Necklace (16 inches)


Step Three: Play With Different Gems and Pick Pieces That Inspire You 

If you haven't let your intuition guide you when picking which crystal pieces to wear, now is the perfect time to start. Often, we don't choose which gemstones we gravitate to; instead, the crystals we need choose us. Let your inner wisdom be your guide and allow yourself to be drawn to whichever stones you feel called to wear in the moment. 

Step Four: Unify Your Metals 

While we don't set any hard and fast rules for layering, we think that choosing metals that match each other is a great way to create a cohesive look. Silver with silver, gold with gold. 

Of course there are occasions where you may want to mix up your metals, and if you are feeling bold and want to give it a go, we say go ahead! 


If you haven't let your intuition guide you when picking which crystal pieces to wear, now is the time to start.


Step Five: Mix and Match Necklaces 

When choosing layering pieces, we often opt for variety. One simple way to add some style variance when laying is by wearing choosing delicate chains with bold gemstones. For example, our Charmed With Abundance Mini Necklace features a delicate citrine pendant on the Gold Cable Chain, combining a vibrant yellow gem with a dainty chain. 

Above: The Golden Solstice Necklace, The Charmed with Abundance Mini Necklace and The Goddess Necklace