October's Gemstone: OPAL

October 10, 2020 1 min read

An Ode to Opal

One of the best things in our opinion about October is that we get to flaunt our love of opal like (it is after all the birthstone of this autumn month). Get excited, Gems - it's officially opal season!

Opal exists in a variety of colours; here we will focus on pink opal. Pink opal allows us to lean into positivity in a big way. This soft pink crystal carries the vibration of optimism and enthusiasm and is also known to help enhance creativity. These properties make pink opal an excellent stone to reach for when we need some inspiration and a bit of a push to help us turn our inspiration into something tangible.

Easing Transitions

During uncertain times, pink opal can help us to process change and provide us with a sense of peace. Through its ability to soothe and clear the emotional body, pink opal can relieve feelings of excessive fear, worry or anxiety.  Work with pink opal to allow you to release subconscious pain from past events and to help you to let go of any residual trauma.

The loving vibration contained within pink opal allows you to move through this process with kindness and compassion, bringing a greater sense of calmness and contentedness. Ahh...sweet pink opal, we can't get enough of you!