The Designer

Lisa Maxwell took root when designer Lisa Agranove wanted to incorporate the healing properties of semi-precious stones into refined and well styled jewelry. She has always felt guided by an intuitive process when working with gemstones and believes that this is due to the energy contained within the stones. 

Lisa Agranove is also a certified hot yoga teacher, attuned reiki healer, and has an Honours Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto. 

The Company

Each piece of Lisa Maxwell jewelry uses materials derived from the earth. Natural semi-precious stones and precious metals inspire the creation of each finished piece. Just as nature inspires our design process, each piece of LM jewelry you wear serves as the touchstone to connect you to mine your own hidden gems from within. Lisa Maxwell jewelry is handmade mindfully in downtown Toronto.

Lisa named her company after being driven to create her first female piece for herself and her first male design for her brother, Steven Maxwell.


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