About Lisa Maxwell Jewelry

Lisa Maxwell Jewelry was created to introduce the healing properties of crystals into refined and well styled jewelry. Each piece is handmade mindfully with love and intention using high quality, natural semi-precious gemstones and hypoallergenic gold and silver at my studio in downtown Toronto.

I started Lisa Maxwell Jewelry after being inspired to teach myself how to create jewelry for myself and as a gift for my brother, Steven Maxwell. Your LM pieces continue to be made consciously, in small batches, with each gemstone being hand selected by myself and the LM team.

These thoughtfully hand-crafted pieces are for the conscious minimalist who enjoys wearing simple, yet timeless jewelry. Our designs are perfect for an on the go lifestyle while keeping style top of mind. It’s our goal to make versatile and easy to wear pieces that are long lasting in quality and everlasting in design.


Meet the Founder

I created Lisa Maxwell because I felt inspired to share my knowledge of the healing energy of gemstones and crystals by creating wearable, keepsake pieces that could help you begin or continue your journey towards healing.

I have always felt intuitively guided when working with gemstones and drawn to the energy contained within them. My love for dainty jewelry extends into many of my designs. Stacking layers of dainty gemstone necklaces and bracelets is my go-to styling choice.

I’m a certified hot yoga teacher, attuned reiki healer and have an Honours Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto. In my free time I love exploring new places in the city (currently seeking out the best flat white in town), honing my passion for photography and continuing to grow my collection of tropical plants.




Mine your inner gem