All Lisa Maxwell Jewelry bracelets can be made in the length that fits you best. Available lengths are:

◦ 6.25 INCHES - extra small
◦ 6.5 INCHES - small
◦ 6.75 INCHES - medium
◦ 7.0 INCHES - large
◦ 7.25 INCHES - extra large

If you'd like a custom length other than the options listed above, email and I will make your bracelet in that size at no additional charge!


To measure your wrist size, simply:

1. Cut a strip of paper longer than the length of your wrist
2. Wrap the paper once around your wrist (snugly but not too tightly)
3. Mark where the two ends of the paper meet with a pencil
4. Place the strip of paper next to a tape measure to find your wrist length in inches

For added bracelet mobility and comfort, add .25"-.5"

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