June's Gemstone: MOONSTONE

June 23, 2020 2 min read

Hey there, Moonchild! 

If you're looking to learn more about moonstone, you've landed in the right place. This bright white luminous gem definitely has us feeling like we're tapping into some other worldly vibes. But we don't just love it for its futuristic looks - moonstone also contains a plethora of healing benefits that almost all of us can tap into. 

You don't have to visit the moon to connect with the dreamy, ethereal energy of moonstone. Moonstone allows us to channel the moon, with its ever changing phases and its ability to govern the push and pull of ocean tides. As we work with moonstone, we are able to find balance with the ebb and flow of our emotions and move through change graciously.  

Already feeling pretty balanced? Moonstone can also help you tap into your inner divine energy to blast off into illuminating new beginnings. Known as the "goddess stone," moonstone lets us connect with our intuition and enhances our inspiration, offering opportunities for new projects and fresh starts.

Moonstone also carries a soft, soothing energy that helps to open our heart chakra. By opening our hearts and allowing moonstone's gentle energy to flow through us, we are able to let go of old huts, feelings of abandonment and guilt. 


On a physical level, moonstone aids the digestive and reproductive systems. It absorbs nutrients and releases toxins and eases fluid retention. Moonstone can also help to heal degenerative skin and organ conditions. Experiencing troublesome PMS symptoms? Moonstone can help ease symptoms associated with PMS and can also balance hormones.

​For those of you looking to fast track your personal growth, moonstone is known as a stone of reflection, allowing you to look within. Use moonstone as a tool to help you practice self observation and increased spiritual growth. Moonstone is the stone to wear when you want your whole soul  to shine as brightly as the moon.


Goddesses - get ready to be transformed by moonstone!