July's Gemstone: ONYX

July 14, 2020 2 min read

Anchored in Onyx

We're tapping into one of July's most grounding birthstones - onyx. With the world seeming anything but predictable these days, tuning in to the grounding energy of onyx can allow us to plant our feet more firmly on the ground and help us to accept our current reality. This jet black stone helps to balance energy in our root chakra, which is the energy centre in our bodies that allows us to connect to the earth and our environmental reality. Working with onyx helps take us out of our heads and lets us feel supported by the ground beneath our feet. 

Once we've attuned to our current situation, it can be helpful to use onyx to protect to our energy field. This deep black stone has been used for protection since the earliest civilizations existed. For centuries, onyx was used as amulets on swords, shields and armour to protected warriors during combat. 

We're triple stacking onyx when we want to make sure that we are sealed off from any negative vibes. This also prevents our energy from being leaked by outside sources (if you've ever felt drained by another person or situation, try wearing some onyx for protection!)

This July birthstone can also provide us with strength. This deep black stone can strengthen our physical health and stamina, and help restore our  immune system. Onyx also has the power to increase self-confidence and assertion and can help us to feel more at ease in our surroundings.

Wear onyx if:

  • you want to get out of your head and become more present
  • you've been looking for a way to feel more in tune with your environment
  • you've been picking up on some negative vibes around you that you'd rather not let in
  • you can use a boost of physical energy and wouldn't mind also feeling a little more confident.