Ruby Power

October 19, 2023 1 min read

The POWER Collection: 


Ruby, often called the "Stone of Love," promotes vitality and
emotional balance. Its protective properties instill courage and
resilience, making it a symbol of power and strength. This mighty
stone can also detoxify the body and balance blood flow.


Bring on the POWER!




Minimalistic in design, ruby's natural beauty shines in this
understated yet powerful statement piece. 
Perfect for adding a flash of colour to any outfit. 

Natural high-cut pink ruby
14-karat gold-filled
16 inches or 18 inches in length



Classic gold meets eye-catching ruby in this timeless piece. Rolls
over the wrist effortlessly and safe to wear in water. Elevate your
everyday style with this chic and playful bracelet that brings
sophistication and a touch of fun to any outfit.

Ruby: hand-selected natural faceted ruby; approximately
3mm in diameter
Gold beads: 14-karat gold filled; 2.5mm in diameter
Textured Gold Accents: 14K gold-filled; 2.5mm and
4mm in diameter