New: Amethyst Solstice Necklace

February 26, 2024 1 min read

close up of amethyst teardrop pendant on gold chain worn on woman's chest

NEW in the Shop: 

The Amethyst Solstice


Unlock your dreams in Amethyst. This captivating crystal can help us tap into our clearest visions and allow us to upgrade our reality. 

Perfect for Pisces Season!


amethyst crystal close up

Amethyst works to cleanse the body, mind and soul.Clear away insomnia by keeping amethyst nearby. 

Amethyst can also provide a soothing energy while a person is dreaming and it also increases dream recall and focus during meditation. This luminous purple crystal can increase spiritual awareness, provide inner peace and healing, and create positive transformation.  

Known as the birthstone for February, amethyst can be worn by anyone who sees its true beauty. We are often naturally drawn to the crystals that we need most in our lives.


Step boldly into spring with this vibrant purple gemstone.



close up of amethyst pendant on gold chain dangling on white crystal; shown from the side

The Amethyst Solstice Necklace features a natural amethyst crystal in a 22-karat gold vermeil setting on our classic 14K gold-filled cable chain. 

Minimalistic in design, amethyst's natural beauty shines in this dreamy statement necklace. 
Perfect for adding a flash of colour to any outfit. 

Natural faceted amethyst

22-karat gold vermeil
14-karat gold-filled
18 inches or 20 inches in length

Wear it with our Dainty Meditation Luxe Bracelet

two amethyst luxe bracelets in gold dish 

Dainty bracelet featuring mindfully hand-selected natural amethyst gemstones with precious metal accents. 
Available in gold-filled or sterling silver.