13 Questions with Amrit Singh

June 15, 2020 5 min read


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Brilliant boss, business owner, advocate, ally, Registered Acupuncturist and "Healthcare Professional of the Year" Notable Award winner.

Need we say more?!

We don't but we will because this part is so important. Amrit began her practice determined to create a space where women can share, be celebrated, inspired, honoured and where they can connect to their community.

Sounds like someone you need to meet, right? Well we thought so, so we did some Covid-19 emailing with her and got a few answers to some questions we thought everyone needed to know. Business, beauty and breakfast (and a few other things...).


1. We've admired you for a long time and we were wondering if you could tell us what got you into acupuncture and beauty.

I discovered Acupuncture by accident actually. I had a very bad back injury while living in Winnipeg, where I fell on the ice and lost a lot of mobility in my body. From there I tried everything, Physiotherapy, Chiro, Massage - nothing really helped. It wasn’t until I moved to Toronto and stumbled across what I thought was an Holistic Health Centre but was actually a school that offered Acupuncture. I went in one day and told them my story and where the pain was and we decided Acupuncture was best for me. Not knowing anything about it at the time, but being desperate, I agreed and fell in love with it. The history, knowledge and effectiveness behind it all fascinated me. In the end I ended up enrolling in that very school, The Institute of Traditional Medicine and now here I am.  

Later when I finally became an Acupuncturist myself I actually started getting really bad cystic acne shortly after graduation. 


I was suffering with it for almost a year until I decided to experiment on myself using the Cosmetic Acupuncture we learned in school. I noticed how much it helped in healing my acne faster and reducing the scarring. When I finally got it under control I really wanted to help other women who were also suffering from acne and who were becoming concerned with aging signs but didn’t want to do injections either. I knew Cosmetic Acupuncture was the natural option for both of these problems and I just dived head first into skin care and beauty and have been loving it ever since!

2. What advice would you give to someone who wants to become an Acupuncturist?

I think one of the most important things to realize after you graduate Acupuncture school is that you are now a business owner. It’s the biggest realizations for any student to make post graduation, you run your own practice now whether you like it or not. So in all honesty, you have to be ready for this. It’s one thing to understand and do well in Acupuncture school, but it’s another thing to understand how to market and position yourself to people. There are no jobs in the Acupuncture field, like salaried position, so you always are working for yourself. 

You also have to find out what your gift within Chinese Medicine is. What are you good at? Prescribing herbs? Emotion work with patients? Diagnosing pain? It’s your passion that will drive your niche market and that’s where the magic is because it will be tied to your inner passion and gifts!

3. Can we talk about what's on everyone's minds? How have you been handling being in isolation?

You know what is strange, I feel okay about it. I mean, I definitely miss doing Acupuncture and seeing patients but I am also appreciating the time and it’s allowing me to do other things. I’ve always been an “in the moment” kind of person, so I’m just taking it day by day. 

4. What was your morning routine like pre-COVID and what is it like now?

I usually don’t start with patients until the afternoons so my morning routines have pretty much stayed the same, although I’ve been definitely going to bed later and therefore waking up later. I also add more immune boosting supplements throughout the day and am more contentious about them on days I’m going out for sure!

I always start my day with one scoop Progressive Phytoberry Multi and one scoop of Collagen together. I then take one B12 table and one iron pill and have breakfast. My pre-COVID breakfast was small, light and rushed, and now it's brunch everyday!  After I eat I take my immune boosting pill which I learned I need to space out from my iron otherwise my stomach hurts.


5. Your go-to bedtime ritual?

I LOVE getting ready for bed. On a good day, my bedtime ritual is a bath, with a mini yoga stretch session, journalling in my "5 Minute Journal", followed by a solid skin care routine and Gua Sha! Depending on what I’m working on with my skin my products change. In March I was focusing a lot on hyperpigmentation so using a lot of acids and now I’m doing Vitamin C and Gua Sha more to boost collagen and lift my face.


I would tell my younger self to not worry about “getting ahead” or “feeling behind” all the time because at some point it’s all going to catch up and align and you will be more than fine. 

6. The biggest lesson that has come out of this pandemic for you?

I’ve actually learned so much about my behaviour, my friends, how much and just how I work in general. I think the biggest lesson so far has been learning who is most important to you. Human interaction has changed so much and now that we don’t have distracting stimuli like nice dinners, alcohol, clubs, drugs or whatever general society depends on so to speak.  So now you really see people’s personalities because there is nothing to hide behind anymore. 

7. What's been keeping you busy?

Well, initially there was a lot of protocol that had to go out with communication to our patients and the temporary clinic closure. I then had a lot of paperwork for my individual practice and filed my taxes early. March/April are often very administrative times anyways so I guess that just worked out. Now that those are out of the way I’ve been focusing so much on my Instagram which has been a lot of fun and expanding my online store, “The Babe Face Shop".

8. What has been your must-have snack?

Chips & Guac FTW!

Same, tbh. 

9. How have you been staying creative? 

Instagram has definitely been a creative outlet for me, filming and editing videos, designing posts and writing the captions. I feel like my creativity comes through my communication. I also started ballet back up again via this teacher Sadie Black (@sadie_black) who has been offering classes on IG LIVE. It feels so good to be doing it again!


10. Tell us something that would surprise people most about you.

I think a lot of people don’t know that my background is from the music industry where I used to do PR, artist management and tour routing. It was definitely a different lifestyle back then! 

11. If you had a superpower what would it be?

Clone myself so I could get more done in a day. 


12. Advice you'd give your 20-something-year-old self?

I would tell my younger self to not worry about “getting ahead” or “feeling behind” all the time because at some point it’s all going to catch up and align and you will be more than fine. :)

And lastly, if you could have any 3 items from Lisa Maxwell, what pieces would you choose? 

Besides the pieces I already have...

Golden Solstice Necklace
Dainty Dreamer Bracelet
Dainty Balance and Intuition Bracelet


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