Lovebeam Necklace | Rose Quartz and Silver

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Channeling the energy of the moon, with its natural cycles of change, along with the stable, open-hearted vibrations of rose quartz, the LOVEBEAM Necklace honours our evolving connection with self-love. The LOVEBEAM necklace reminds us to embrace authentic self-love, including the parts we love about ourselves along with the parts that we are still learning to love. 

This piece was created in collaboration with Arielle D'Angelo, Self-Love Coach.

*10% of proceeds from will be donated to The Trevor Project, a national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth.

Rose quartz is known to open the heart allowing one to enhance the giving and receiving of love. Rose quartz can also help to attract love. This soft pink stone carries a soft, gentle energy that brings compassion and peace. Rose quartz also works to let go of fear and can help to heal trauma.

Sterling silver
18 inches or 20 inches in length

Crescent Moon: sterling silver
Rose quartz: natural rose quartz encased in sterling silver


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