The Dainty Celestial Stack

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The Celestial Stack draws on the magic of winter that is in the air as we draw nearer to the winter solstice. Black rutilated quartz allows a greater amount of light to flow into us, quartz magnifies these higher frequencies, and hematite brings increased clarity. 

Hematite works to bring clarity and focus. It assists in clearing away negative feelings from stress and worry. This dark grey stone can also enhance confidence and strength. Hematite can kickstart a sleepy nervous system, ushering in a new sense of strength.

Black rutilated quartz is said to contain the most light of any stone, as its dark black colour holds the light within it better than any lighter coloured gemstone. It is a stone that helps one to integrate with the physical world by bringing a greater amount of light into one's life.

Quartz crystals magnify energy to the highest level. This powerful stone amplifies the healing vibrations of things around it. Quartz can also boost concentration and memory, and can stimulate the immune system and work to balance the body. 

Includes 3 Bracelets: The Dainty Clarity Bracelet (hematite), the Dainty Integration Bracelet (black rutilated quartz), and the Dainty Recharge Bracelet (crackle quartz)

Stone Width: 4mm
Accent: 14K gold-filled
Strung on durable stretch elastic cord


Packaged in a Lisa Maxwell reusable cotton drawstring bag
Gemstone benefit cards included
Handmade in Toronto, Canada


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