Charmed and Protected Bracelet | Onyx and Sterling Silver

Natural 2.5mm .925 sterling silver beads with .925 sterling silver encased natural onyx charm strung on a durable stretch cord with 6mm .925 sterling silver accent bead.

Onyx is a protective stone. It can prevent unwanted energies from tapping in. Onyx also works to deflect unwanted thoughts. A grounding stone, onyx can stabilize the emotional body and sooth nerves and dissipate anxiety and fear.

The gemstone pendant measures approximately .5 inches wide and .5 inches tall.


Bracelet Size Guide:

XS: 6 inches
S: 6.25 inches
M: 6.5 inches
L: 6.75 inches
XL: 7 inches

Packaged in a Lisa Maxwell organic cotton re-useable drawstring bag.


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