Charmed and Enchanted Mini Necklace | Labradorite and Gold

Size Guide

Designed for the days when you want to spark a little magic, the Charmed and Enchanted Mini Necklace is your new wearable potion vial. Labradorite brings synchronicity and serendipity and is known as the stone of magic and also acts as a shield to deflect unwanted energy.

Wear this necklace when you want to invoke your sorceress powers with intention.

14-karat gold-filled
16 inches or 18 inches in length

Labradorite encased in gold plated silver
6mm in diameter 

Avoid wearing in water. Repeated water exposure can wear away at the gold plating around the charm


Packaged in a Lisa Maxwell organic cotton drawstring bag.
Labradorite healing benefit card included.
Handmade in Toronto, Canada

Chain Length