Autumn Gemstones

November 02, 2021 2 min read

Autumn Gemstones

One of the most magical times of year is the seasonal change from summer into fall. The sultry days of endless summer sunshine begin to give way to autumn’s brisk air, multicoloured falling leaves and shorter days. We’re putting the spotlight on four gemstones that can assist us in moving through this transition mindfully.


With its signature golden and orange tones, citrine pays homage the colour palette of autumn. 

This sparkly crystal is known to carry the warmth of the sun, which can help us to feel energized as we begin to lose daylight hours. 

Citrine also helps us tap into abundance during the harvest time, which can amplify wealth and prosperity. 

The birthstone for November, citrine helps us access our inner glow and shines a light on our own sense of power.

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This jet black stone assists us in grounding our energy as we prepare ourselves to reflect inwards during the cooler months. 

With the ability to calm nerves and quell anxiety and self doubt, onyx helps to boost confidence and increase focus. 

Not just for the witching season, onyx helps us continue to feel a connection with the earth.

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With its ability to provide stability, hematite is another excellent grounding stone for fall. 

Rich in iron, hematite is known to regulate and strengthen blood supply and circulation. 

With less time outdoors and increased digital activity, hematite creates a shield to protect against negative energy including electromagnetic smog from computers and cell phones.

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Known as a stone of transformation, this vibrantly striped green stone supports us through change and spiritual growth. 

Malachite is another excellent crystal for guarding against different types of radiation and electromagnetic smog. 

It can also relieve feelings of anxiety and depression and can assist in healing emotional issues that we may experience during times of transition.

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Happy Autumn Gems!

Which stones will you choose to rock this season?