August's Gemstone: TOURMALINE

August 28, 2020 2 min read

TOURMALINE: The Alignment Crystal

One of the lesser known (but powerful!) birthstones for August is tourmaline. What exactly is tourmaline? Tourmaline is a form of silicate (mineral). It forms into prism-shaped crystals with multiple terminations (end points). It is classified as a semi-precious stone.   

There are many different colours of tourmaline, and you can choose which tourmaline to wear depending on the type of healing energy you'd like to tap into. All tourmaline work to ground energy, helping you to find calmness and to connect with the earth. In addition pink tourmaline carries a soft, soothing energy and helps to heal the heart. Purple tourmaline offers serene energy and helps you to let go of emotional attachments. Black tourmaline grounds energy, helping you feel connected to the earth. It is a protective stone and shields unwanted energy from tapping in. These are just a few different tourmaline colours!

What type of tourmaline are we feeling right now?! Rainbow tourmaline. Rainbow Tourmaline is made from multiple types of tourmaline, resulting in a single crystal formed of many different colours. 

Why are we so into rainbow tourmaline? 

Rainbow tourmaline is believed to be able to clear and align all of the seven chakras. It is said to bring joy by transmuting and releasing negative energy. This combination tourmaline is also beneficial to wear if you are looking for emotional support. Not only an eye catching range of vibrant colours, rainbow tourmaline is the crystal to wear when you want to bring all of your energetic centres into balance and allow your energy to flow as it's meant to. Yes please, we'll wear them stacked!