Visionary Bracelet | Herkimer Diamond and Labradorite

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Natural 2mm spinel rondelles with accented with double terminated herkimer diamonds 14-karat gold filled.

Doubly terminated, herkimer diamonds transmit and receive energy of the highest vibration. This sparkly crystal activates energy in the third eye chakra, opening one's consciousness. Herkimer diamond lets you tune into your visions and to be attuned to receiving the highest possible level of universal guidance.

Labradorite is said to bring synchronicity and serendipity and is known as the stone of magic. It can calm an overactive mind and ease the drain of over-responsibility. It deflects unwanted energy by acting as a shield to prevent negative energies from tapping in.


Packaged in a Lisa Maxwell reusable cotton drawstring bag. 
Herkimer diamond and labradorite healing benefit cards included.
Handmade in Toronto, Canada


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