The Dainty Enchanted Set

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Channelling the rich healing powers of the earth with the emerald gemstone, labradorite allows us to explore synchronicity and magic, while moonstone lets us tune in to our intuition. 

Emerald can help to open the heart chakra, and carries the energy of compassion and unconditional love. Its vibrant green colour offers overall healing and lets us connect with the earth. Emerald can also boost intuition.

Labradorite is said to bring synchronicity and serendipity and is known as the stone of magic. It can calm an overactive mind and can act as a shield to prevent unwanted energies from tapping in. 

Moonstone works to increase intuition and psychic abilities. It carries a soothing energy and works to balance the emotions. Moonstone can also help you to synchronize with the cycles of the moon, allowing you to accept change.


Includes 3 Bracelets: the Dainty Compassion Bracelet (emerald), the Dainty Serendipity Bracelet (labradorite), and the Dainty Balance and Intuition Bracelet (moonstone)

Stone Width: 4mm
Accent: 14K gold-filled
Strung on durable stretch elastic cord
Hypoallergenic & non-tarnish


Packaged in a Lisa Maxwell reusable cotton drawstring bag
Gemstone benefit cards included
Handmade in Toronto, Canada


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