Dainty Guided Love Diffuser Bracelet | Garnet and Gold

Natural 4mm round garnet beads with 14-karat gold-filled accents and 4mm lava bead strung on durable stretch elastic cord.

Garnet can be used to balance energy; it can offer peacefulness or passion, depending on what is needed. It can also inspire love and balance the sex drive. Garnet corresponds to the Aquarius zodiac sign. This powerful stone can also stimulate the metabolism, aid the body in removing toxins and can work to purify the blood, heart and lungs. Garnet can also be used to provide protection to its wearer.


This bracelet works as a natural essential oil diffuser. A lava bead is placed in the middle of the bracelet, and due to its ability to diffuse oils, dropping 1-2 drops of your favourite essential oil directly onto the lava beads allows you to benefit from the aromatherapy properties of your chosen oil. 

Bracelet Size Guide:

XS: 6 inches
S: 6.25 inches
M: 6.5 inches
L: 6.75 inches
XL: 7 inches

Packaged in a Lisa Maxwell organic cotton re-useable drawstring bag.


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