February's Gemstone: AMETHYST

February 10, 2021 1 min read



Amethyst has been revered throughout history for its magnificent appearance and its abilities to soothe and stimulate the mind and emotions.  

The word amethyst comes from the Greek word 'ametusthos', meaning "not intoxicated." 

In Greek mythology, Dionysus was known as the God of wine and intoxication. He was drawn to a woman named Amethyst.

Upon excessively pursuing her, she refused his love, leading Dyonisis to seek revenge upon Amethyst. 

Goddess Artemis intervened and changed Amethyst into a clear quartz statue.  Regretting his actions, Dyonisis poured wine over the stone as an offering, turning the stone purple.  

Amethyst has since been known to protect its wearer against drunkenness and provides sobriety of mind.


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